The Largest Application Security Conference Offers Something for Everyone

AppSecUSA is the largest conference solely dedicated to application security. Unlike similar conferences which only offer speaker sessions, AppSecUSA also offers cutting edge trainings conducted by leaders in the field, opportunities for women and those transitioning from military service to network and develop their careers, and significant discounts for students to learn about security careers.…

Why we Need Women in Security Careers

Security is one of the largest and most critical industries right now. In 2015, more than $75 billion was pumped into the industry to solve the most pressing security challenges – that’s up from $3.5 billion only 10 years prior, and is expected to reach $1 trillion by 2020. Yet, as the industry grows exponentially…

Integrating Security into DevOps at AppSecUSA

Products are under ever more scrutiny to ensure software is secure before going to market while at the same time pressures to deploy quickly can lead developers to avoid their security teams and eliminate perceived slow downs. This cycle results in costly after-the-fact patches and–when unlucky–bad press. The answer to this problem is integrating security… Read More

Meet the Speakers Part 2: Samy Kamkar

Meet the Speakers Part 2: Samy Kamkar Part Two of AppSecUSA’s ‘Meet the Speakers’ blog series shares a snapshot of keynote speaker Samy Kamkar. Best known for creating and releasing the fastest spreading virus of all time, the MySpace worm called Samy.… Read More

Students Are Key to Filling Industry Workforce Gap

By the year 2020 the information security industry is expected to see a talent shortage of 1.5 million people. Although there are many factors leading to this workforce gap, one solution is to familiarize today’s youth with infosec careers and encourage students to earn industry degrees at the college level.… Read More

Meet the Speakers Part 1: Joe Jarzombek

OWASP’s 13th Annual AppSecUSA Security Conference is bringing together an influential group of speakers who are challenging traditions and inspiring the next generation of security leaders. ‘Meet the Speakers’ is a four part blog series sharing a sneak peek of the keynote speakers who will be presenting at the conference. These speakers will inspire you… Read More

Welcome to the AppSecUSA 2016 Blog!

Here you will find important updates, trending stories and information about the AppSecUSA 2016 Security Conference taking place in Washington, D.C. To kick off our blog, we’d like to share details of the event, including quickly approaching deadlines and ways to participate. What is AppSecUSA? OWASP’s 13th Annual AppSecUSA Security Conference is the premier application… Read More